Book critic, published in second number, volume 17, December 2003 of the journal of foot and toe, official body of expression of the spanish society of medicine and foot surgery.

It is a remarkable book for its content, presentation and impact, influencing in the latter aspect the undoubted morbid that gives it its apparent “heterodoxy”.


Regarding its content, it is exemplary. Each technique, instrumental, preoperative planning, pathology, anatomical preparation or radiological image is accompanied by a clear and descriptive text, which avoids speculations or marginal comments. The indications are correctly indicated and the clinical cases help to better understand each technique. It would, in any case, have required the authors to expose the complications most frequently observed, for the warning and knowledge of the neophytes.


The presentation is excellent, with an adaptation between text and iconography that facilitates the understanding of the point to be treated.


Regarding its impact, it is evident that the so-called “MIS” techniques are making their way into the therapeutic panoply of orthopedic surgery, fundamentally supported by the success of arthroscopic surgery. As the authors point out and Dr. Viladot underlines (prologue of the work) “these techniques are a valid alternative to open forefoot surgery, provided that the indications are correct and the surgeon has a good preparation and has the right material for this type of surgery. ”


I will only add that, contrary to what may seem for its attractive and didactic presentation, it is not risk-free and simpler than traditional open surgery; on the contrary, an orthopedic surgeon must practice it, with sufficient surgical and morphological foundations to develop it successfully.


Dr. De Prado and his collaborators provide an outstanding service to practitioners of this type of surgery, confirming with this work the quality and commitment of the Spanish School of foot surgery, arising from the tail of Antonio Viladot.

Luis Fernando Llanos
President of the Spanish Society of Medicine and Foot Surgery.